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Modeling Workshop

  |   Guinardó Civic Center

3d printing workshop and modeling paradigms.


OpenSCAD is practically a programming language, which is used to generate geometry. It is a simple and robust way to generate models, using only primitive forms (spheres, cubes, cylinders, etc.) and Boolean operations (union, difference and subtraction). In contrast to other programs such as Blender and FreeCAD, OpenSCAD manipulation can be somewhat complex for programmers uninitiated, focused with very different design paradigms. Moreover it allows operations with other packages would be arriving at the same solution of an even more complex form. One advantage is that OpenSCAD offers parametric parts to modify and share network with minimal effort, in fact the standard software between Reprap community.


We have prepared a brief but comprehensive guide operations, functions and parameters OpenSCAD.


Blender is one of the open software that generate more competition with other payment programs. In his cad talk about Maya, stduio 3d max, Cinema4D, etc. This is a package with features that allow professionals from modeling to rendering animations or compose videos.


In this workshop we will focus on reviewing the basics to browse, create and edit meshes. These paradigms emerge from the own way of structuring information / geometry (vertices, edges, faces) in this type of program. We will also see the engine briefly sculpture, another modeling paradigm that works as an analogy of tangible modeling clay / pasta. Blender compared to Maya or 3dsmax.


Giuansky infographic details the use of Blender in a clear and simple way http://www.giudansky.com/design/51-blender-map .


The last program is FreeCAD, compared with Solidworks, Catia, I or Solidedge. The package is taking great importance from a year ago and is generating a critical mass of users and developers that will make in the months and years ahead, it becomes clear frontrunner free programs and free licenses. Like the other programs your main paradigm is related to manufacturing processes: extrusions, holes, emptied, etc. This is a parametric software and therefore suitable for interactive design: one in which fundamental decisions necessary to rectify in the final stages of design.


We are currently preparing a guide for use.