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by ilaro

H2 boasts extraordinary volumes capable of printing at high speeds , becoming product manufacturing and design of open license .

The maximum print volume is 280 diameter x 340 (mm). Heated redesigned important for large sizes.

High speed movement , given by the combination of additive composition and lightness of the platform that supports the hot tip of lower inertia .

Print speed recommended is 80 mm x sec , the displacement speed of 300 mm x sec.

Ilaro makes a profit contribution of the workshops for the manufacture of printers to different developers of open, free and Free Software , as well as contributions to the development of open source license.

Ideal for rapid prototyping and high-quality objects . Static surface printing with resolution of movement in the Z axis of 10 microns , the axes X, Y given by the kinematic variables DELTA 3-30 microns.

Metal Hot End of 1.75 mm in diameter and 0.4mm hole for PLA, ABS, PVA, PC, Nylon.

DELTA- FDM 3D printer model derived KosselReprap ( open source) , capable of self-replication . Open software compatible with (Win, OSX, Linux), constantly updated.

Approximate weight : 50 g.

Dimensions: 360 x 800 h side (mm).

Print volume : 260 x340 Ø h (mm ).

Aluminum and polyurethane structure.

Power Supply 24V17A 400W, supports dual extruder and hot bed.

Arduino based electronics mega 24V reading SD card, up to 3 extruders.

Extruder heating time of 20-250 sec at 40 C°.

Hot metal 1.75 mm End hole 0.4mm for PLA , ABS , PVA , PC , Nylon.

NEMA 17 motors , 200 steps per revolution with 116 microstep.

BOWDEN type extruder 1.75mm GT2 belts and gears , passing 2mm Liniales steel spheres guides , zero backlash ( play) and optimum slip.

Heated Area.

LCD display.


Ideal for high-quality printing quick prototyping and objects to large and small scale . Loading filaments 1.75 mm Ø PLA, ABS, PVA, PC, Nylon. Open Software license and support free Web updates.

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Want to know each other and build your printer ?
Workshops at Hangar (Barcelona ) construction and manufacturing all printers less festive Thursday from 18h to 24h

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 Customization of machines, digital printing or manufacturing related projects.