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by ilaro


Designed and produced in Barcelona Agama born. Ilaro has created a machine ready and suitable for the use of the small producer or end, competitive consumer market at an affordable price. The nature of Agama is characterized by the quality of its components and the adaptability of machining different materials. With Agama user you are able to make prototypes and products for any activity, with high performance. Agama includes a waste collection system that eradicates particles that hinder the machining instantly, and a dispenser for liquid coolant adjustable cutting.

Agama operates at a high production speed without losing the guarantee of its performance with almost any material. Cutting wood of any density, plastics, soft metals, conglomerates, etc


Ilaro designs and produces water in Barcelona, knows and recognizes the needs of each user. For this reason we manage and design modifications of our standard format to suit the end user. For any changes either dimensions or otherwise, suggestions or questions please contact us.


Want to know each other and hop your cnc?
Ikaro offers you its facilities in Barcelona, so you can build your own Agama. In the workshop you will learn to make and use Agama, with our continuing advice and the use of simple tools designed for you. Workshops include all the parts for manufacturing.
Service Hangar (Barcelona), all less public Thursday from 18h to 24h.


We offer parts machining, mold manufacturing or related projects. Send us an email if you have any questions or you live in Barcelona every Thursday we open the doors of our workshop.