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Ilaro is an organization dedicated to product development and projects related to self-repliction digital manufacturing.

Search and research, support a commitment to disclosure of content and ideas, which are stored in your database open and free public domain data.

Ilaro is based at Hangar (Barcelona), where he regularly taught open sessions and collaborations with other residents projects.

Ilaro advises and collaborates on projects with leading companies and institutions, and is also able to get involved in their own projects.

On a personal level, different training profiles make up the organization, composing a multidisciplinary team focused on digital production and dissemination.



Ilaro designs and manufactures dedicated to digital manufacturing unique and innovative products.

Customization and constant evolution of products is a vital constant in the brand, able to assume and perform any kind of challenge.



Ethical values ​​Ilaro try to design open and free spaces in the public domain for the exchange of knowledge as well as workshops, lectures and presentations.

The use and disclosure of open exclusive licenses are a hallmark of the brand, which focuses on bringing high technology to citizens without intermediaries.



Generating a product support upstream, subject to free licenses.